About RTS

M/S SEVEN ,A Firm Under Section XX the I.P. Act Of 1932, was established in June 7, 2017 to develop the need of various Essential Services In India. Route To Success (RTS), TOP JOB ASSISTANCE GUARANTEED INSTITUTE., a Unit of M/S SEVEN  is working in the areas of Skill Development, Higher Education, Computer & Vocational Trainings, CAREER COUNSELLING ,JOB ASSISTANCE to bring about an inclusive change in the semi-urban and rural areas of the state/country. The Hojai-headquartered organization has been untiringly reaching out to the remotest corners of the country since the past 3 years to empower people, generate employment for the youth and unfold entrepreneurial initiatives.

 The RTS Model is a multi-purpose, self-sustainable, scalable and entrepreneurial model that addresses the demand of local communities for various Skills and Trainings required in the unorganized sector. The organization has a strong presence in more than 5 Districts, through over 20 Centers, and Offices. Till date, it has imparted skills-based training to over 2 thousand people, created employment opportunities within the network for more than 5,00 people and empowered the lives of over 400 people through various innovative products and services.

RTS has partnered with the National Skill Development Corporation, Assam Skill Development Mission,  National Urban Livelihoods Mission, National Rural Livelihoods Mission, MINISTRY OF MINORITY AFFAIRS to offer skills-based training to 10 lakh youth by 2025. Under theses partnership, more than 100 vocational training institutes will be set up to offer over 50 low cost certificate and diploma courses. RTS is executing a number of Central and State Government skill development projects has partnered with  State Skill Development Mission and has joined hands with Various Sector Skill Councils to develop relevant training modules in association with industry experts for 20+ Job Roles as per QP-NOS based curriculum. RTS is also going to execute various Vocational and Computer trainings at locations that were in dire need of quality education ecosystem.

The brand RTS has emerged over the years after traversing through multiple challenges and enlightening lessons. The only constant across this journey has been the ‘amazing people’ that have associated their future on a promise and ‘dream’ that brand RTS managed to create. The dream that we live today was created on a shoestring budget with a lot of passion, hard work, and ideas as the key investments. So far, we have generated over $1 Billion in sales revenue for our industry-leading clients, spread across varied industries such as Technology, Telecom, E-commerce, FMCG, Consumer etc. Presently, we are all aligning to the new reality in the wake of unprecedented challenges faced by businesses worldwide. As an organization, we are looking at this situation as a catalyst to fast track innovations and working on new service methodologies to continue influencing and enabling sales for our customers. Over the years, we have set gold standards for sales enablement in terms of people, process,

Our Focus on

  • Human resources supporting lifelong learning (for both youth and adults) and the development of to support national and individual economic growth;
  • Supporting a more flexible education and training system;
  • Supporting a stronger but more flexible vocational orientation within the school system;
  • Improving the efficiency of education and training systems by reducing dropout rates and increasing graduation rates.
  • Strengthening linkages between education/training systems and the job market/Self Employment.

  • Subject Tutoring
  • College Prep
  • Test Prep

Why Choose Us?

RTS Model is a multi-purpose, self-sustainable, scalable model which provides the below.

Centralized Marketing Support


Placement Support


Online Exams & Results

Participation in Government Programs

About the Founder

Co- Founder & Managing Director
Hrisikesh Kashyap


Hrisikesh Kashyap ,an I.T.  engineer by profession from North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) . He has 8 years of corporate experience working with many MNCs. During his  early stage of career he realised the lacuna in the educational facilities and the problems faced by students and parents in getting  quality skilled based education specially in rural and sub urban areas.  Skilled based trainings and education were not easily accessible and needed specially for Jobs and self employment. That’s when he decided to do his bit for the society. In 2017, at the age of 33, he established Route To Success (RTS) in India as a foundation of the SEVEN Group. A then small centre for a few training programme, today Route To Success (RTS). is recognized as Assam’s TOP JOB ASSISTANCE GUARANTEED INSTITUE.

Mr. Hrisikesh’s insatiable urge to serve the global educational community, led him to expand his dream worldwide and set up – 15 centres all across Assam .Route To Success of SEVEN Group  is a fruit of his efforts and a trusted name in the National Skill Development .

Co-Founder’s Message

We Deliver What We Promise”.

                            Mr. Hrisikesh Kashyap

Let’s GROW Together!

A business sees success when its foundation is strong. The same goes for a nation. A nation becomes strong only when its foundation, i.e., its youth is empowered. Empowerment is achieved when the right set of skills are disseminated among the students at the right time.

RTS’s GOALS are:

  1. Create more opportunities for youth in education and employment,
  2. Improve access and full participation of all young people in society, and
  3. Foster solidarity between youth and society

Phone : +91 9101556629, +91 8723881334

E-mail- rtsseven17@gmail.com